Direct and Indirect Marketing, Lead Generation and Management, Event Organisation and Management

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is the world’s leading independent conservation organisation. Established in 1961, WWF-UK was the first national organisation in the WWF network, with offices in England, Scotland and Wales. As a registered charity, the organisation attracts income from voluntary sources such as its dedicated membership and supporters from business and community.


WWF was initiating a fund-raising and membership push and were seeking cost-effective solutions. They approached Global Reach to join their network of promotional teams.


The Global Reach team set up a series of public events in busy hubs such as shopping malls and railway stations supported by an online banner ad campaign. We succeeded in attracting between 60-100 donors a week. To execute WWF’s direct marketing campaign we recruited and managed sales teams across the UK, working with a network of companies.

Key Deliverables

  1. Events and exhibition management

  2. Sales team management