Market Research, Marketing Strategy, Lead Generation, Digital Marketing, Database Management

RFIB is an independent international insurance and reinsurance broker. From its headquarters in London, it operates another seven offices in major international centres. It offers insurance in a number of specialised areas and has a strong track record in developing innovative products and bespoke cover.


RFIB wanted to push further into the Russian specialist insurance market but needed Russian marketing support and local expertise to succeed. We combined our digital skills with our unique Russian market insight and exclusive network of contacts to develop a solution.


From our research and networking activities, we compiled a list of potentially valuable clients complete with contact details. In many cases we qualified these leads ourselves and made introductions on behalf of the client. We supported our initiative with Russian language blogging and link building, particularly targeting Moscow and St Petersburg where the best prospects were. Our activities uncovered underserved niches from amongst this clientele and the client made some very lucrative sales as a result.

Working closely with the client, we identified a number of glitches in their workflow processes and database management. We created new archive solutions to optimise use of system resources and rewrote a number of algorithms to significantly increase data storage and retrieval speed. In this way, we helped RFIB improve their business efficiency.

Key Deliverables

  1. Detailed research and analysis of Russian specialist insurance market

  2. Database of qualified leads

  3. Database optimisation