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Lana’s Coffee House is a local, independent café just off the Kingston High Street. It’s a favoured retreat of Kingston locals and busy shoppers looking for the perfect cup of coffee.


Lana’s Coffee House launched in 2013 and like any new business, needed a cost-effective promotional campaign to win customers as well as brand development and design of its marketing collateral.


Local footfall is critical to this kind of café, so we brought an advertising agency on board and worked with them to produce a video advertisement to be displayed on the information screens of Kingston’s post offices and shopping malls. This initiative was further supported by leaflets that we designed. In addition, we recognised that being situated in a busy shopping precinct meant that many potential customers would be visitors to the area. People don’t always want to go to the same old coffee shop chains and instead look for somewhere distinctive to the local area, very often seeking this out online first. So we developed a basic website that highlighted Lana’s main proposition – the best coffee in the area and delicious freshly-made food served in a relaxing, friendly locale.

Lana’s was missing professionally designed menus. Our graphic designers created a deck of consistently branded menus in a variety of formats along with a user-friendly digital application enabling the client to easily update their menus without involving a designer.

Key Deliverables

  • New website design and build

  • Design and printing of collateral

  • Video advertising – creative and production

  • Responsive web platform

  • Cost-effective hosting and support

  • E-mail management

  • Lana's Coffee House 1

    Lana’s Coffee House 1

  • Lana's Coffee House 2

    Lana’s Coffee House 2

  • Lana's Coffee House 3

    Lana’s Coffee House 3

  • Lana's Coffee House 4

    Lana’s Coffee House 4