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Laganaki is a Russian based manufacturer which designs, produces and installs interior fixtures such as staircases and doors made exclusively from the finest timber, primarily solid Russian oak. For over 14 years they have served an elite customer base, with their prestigious woodwork furnishing apartments, private houses, state institutions, banks, theatres, shops and restaurants all over Russia.


In this luxury market, Laganaki competes on the quality of its craftsmanship and service. It wins clients by impressing them and winning trust. With this as our brief, we were tasked with establishing and growing an online presence for the company. They had lost ground in the digital sphere due to very poor ‘black-hat’ optimisation of their existing site and were not exploiting the other digital channels to their advantage.  We decided to build a new site from scratch and develop more effective ways for them to engage with potential clients.

To gain a thorough understanding of their business, we visited their offices and production facilities, interviewing their directors, sales managers and staff on the factory floor. After we undertook an extensive competitor analysis, we decided that they would benefit also from a rebrand.


Laganaki’s website was rebuilt from scratch, incorporating the latest trends in design and functionality. We worked with them to develop content that not just showcased their artistry but also told the brand’s story, with a focus on naturalness and provenance. To emphasise the prestige of their brand, we designed an identity that conveyed nature, beauty and opulence. Our digital team repaired the client’s relationship with Google then developed a unique SEO strategy that placed the website in the top 10 search positions for the majority of promoted keywords. Lastly, we ensured that potential clients would have an easy way to connect with the company through social media and a responsive website with call back features.

Key Deliverables

  1. Powerful online resource using WordPress

  2. Design of logo and marketing collateral

  3. SEO strategy and implementation

  4. PPC campaign

  5. E-mail management

  6. Technical and marketing on-call support

  7. Human resources support including recruitment

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