Web Development, Marketing, Market Research and Analysis

Laganaki Marble is a Turkey-based company which quarries, cuts and distributes high quality marble and limestone. It operates four quarries and distributes its product around the world.


Laganaki Marble is aiming to push into the UK market for raw material provision. They have engaged us both as a web developer and business adviser to target potential clients in the UK and Europe.


We are currently working with Lagananki Marble on a complete rebranding, including their graphic design. In addition we are launching a new e-commerce platform for them. To guide these activities, we have undertaken a full market analysis to identify key competitors and opportunities and formulate an effective strategy.

Key Deliverables

  1. Integrated e-commerce platform

  2. Marketing collateral

  3. In-depth market analysis

  4. Business networking

  5. Event planning and management

  • Laganaki Marble 1

    Laganaki Marble 1

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    Laganaki Marble 2

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    Laganaki Marble 3