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Eastnet Claims is a London-based claims management company focused on serving a UK / Eastern European client base. They specialise in compensation claims arising from personal injuries caused by accidents, workplace negligence and criminal assaults, including recovering any resulting financial losses. In addition they act as a UK tax agent, assisting in compliance and overpayment reclaims.


Eastnet Claims wanted to capture market share but were having difficulty attracting new clients with their existing website. They tasked us with creating a modern, bespoke platform for them. As part of our service, we gave the business a comprehensive ‘health check’, identifying a number of issues in their organisational structure, which they commissioned us to resolve.


We built Eastnet a fully interactive web-portal that promoted immediate client engagement. The design encouraged potential clients to initiate their claims process as soon as they visited the site.  We configured a fast, simple user journey with clear, informative copy, easy-to-complete information forms, a tax calculator, a direct payment feature and instant messaging.  We then undertook SEO and PPC campaigns that drove conversions and reduced bounce rates. And we did all this in 5 different languages.

Eastnet was entering a new phase in its development after growing quickly. It needed thoughtful restructuring and a strategy review to take it to the next level. We formulated a more effective corporate structure with clear accountability, introduced more efficient practices, eliminated duplication of roles and initiated a retraining programme. A leaner budget was put in place along with a better system of cost control. We reimagined their marketing strategy with emphasis on digital and social channels. Furthermore, we ensured that their entire strategy became more customer focused, with new customer service policies and procedures. Eastnet needed to manage their client relationships more accurately and efficiently, so we introduced an industry standard CRM software solution. Integration and automation of their processes also led to more streamlined interaction with their partnering solicitor firms. Overall, we primed Eastnet to take full advantage of the new opportunities we were developing for them.

Eastnet now considers Global Reach a key strategic partner and we work with them on a daily basis.

Key Deliverables

  • New website design and build

  • Design and print of marketing collateral

  • SEO and PPC campaign management

  • Planning – strategic, marketing and HR

  • Management – administrative and HR

  • Recruitment, induction and training

  • Lead generation and networking

  • Customer service assistance

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