Brand Development, Web Development, Graphic Design, Marketing Communications, Account Management

Bars Construction is a leading UK developer of commercial and residential real estate, offering engineering, construction and finishing. Their expertise ranges from large integrated building projects down to individual residential buildings.


The UK construction industry is crowded and very competitive. Bars Construction approached us to create a distinct visual identity for its brand as well as to develop a modern, responsive website.


Bars Construction prides itself on the strength of its customer relationships. So much so, that the company uses very little advertising, thriving instead on repeat business and customer referrals. They always puts the customer first, striving to meet their demands and ensuring the highest quality. Bars wanted a corporate image that reflected this unique professional standing.

Our designers developed their snow leopard logo, not just because of the play on words (Bars / Барс is the Russian word for snow leopard) but because it represented something rare and strong. Applying the image of this beautiful big cat across all its branding has proven to be a hit with customers. Now with appealing and distinctive branding, the company feels confident reaching out further into its market.

Key Deliverables

  • Branding and logo design

  • Design and print of marketing collateral

  • Responsive web platform

  • Website design and build

  • Hosting and email management

  • Customer support

  • Marketing support

  • Bars Construction 1

    Bars Construction 1

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    Bars Construction 2

  • Bars Construction Business Cards 1

    Bars Construction BC 1

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    Bars Construction BC 2

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    Bars Construction BC 3

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    Bars Construction BC 4