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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising buys visits to your site versus having to work for them through organic (free) search. It works via an auction system where advertisers bid for their ranking in the search engine results page. Searchers are presented with advertisers’ sponsored results for the keywords they enter and the advertiser pays a small fee to the search engine if the searcher clicks through to their site.

What makes PPC advertising so appealing is that because searchers find ads that are directly relevant to what they are looking for, they are more likely to convert into buyers. That means the visit to the site can be worth a lot more than what the advertiser paid for it. Advertisers can connect with millions of potential customers at the lowest possible prices.

As there is a direct correlation between a PPC campaign and the number of sales it generates, PPC managers can accurately measure its effectiveness in terms of Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and adjust tactics accordingly. Even better, PPC advertising is scalable – meaning that it can be tailored to budget constraints and marketing objectives.

Our goal is to optimise your PPC campaign for the highest possible conversion ratio, delivering maximum return on investment. From researching and choosing the best keywords, to setting up optimised PPC landing pages, we will deliver a campaign that drives conversions for the lowest cost per acquisition. We use a rigorous methodology which we have refined over numerous successful campaigns, backed up by hard work – thorough research, clever strategy, and relentless testing and optimising.

PPC Pay Per Click
To see how a well-executed PPC campaign can benefit your business, take a look at our portfolio. Our insights into our clients’ businesses, their markets and their customers plus our unswerving commitment to deliver results have translated into PPC campaigns that increased revenue beyond expectations.

If you would like to know how we can send your conversions sky high, get in touch with our PPC advertising team today.

Our PPC Strategy


A winning PPC campaign is always based on good strategy. We tailor your campaign to your business needs and objectives, examining your key metrics, your entire marketing plan, your product portfolio, seasonality and market conditions. We also make sure we understand your competitors. Then we craft a campaign to push your business to the top.


We conduct a thorough investigation of which keywords will be the most profitable for your business and which grouping variations will keep your costs down. And of course we constantly test their efficacy as well as scanning your market for other potentially valuable candidates.


Effective Adcopy not only needs to stand out from competitor ads but also provide the buyer with exactly the right information to help them choose easily from the crowd of offerings their search presents. Our writers are expert in crafting your keywords into highly-focused, compelling copy that gets you the best traffic for the lowest price. In addition we methodically test and optimise every element of the Ad Text to guarantee the best value.


For your campaign to be effective, we need to be certain that your keywords are generating clicks and your landing pages are converting. We constantly monitor your PPC campaign, gathering data, interpreting it and refining our execution.


Advertisers love PPC because it is accurately measurable. Our reports are designed to give you meaningful insight into the health of your PPC campaign as measured against your key metrics. We will also tell you what your competitors are up to and suggest tactics to keep you ahead of the field.


We carefully and methodically manage your campaign, constantly seeking out efficiencies. Our strength in interpreting data along with our skill in advantageously manipulating campaign metrics means that we can control CPA while increasing your volume of acquisitions.

Let us show you what your business can achieve with PPC.

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